Wooden Kitchen Cabinets for Elegant Modern Cabin Kitchen Furniture

Constructed among the refreshing natural circumstances, this modern cabin successfully explores the naturalistic concept of wooden kitchen cabinets. Placed on the higher terrain, the woods dominate the building with the idea of open home plan at the front. Beautiful view around can be enjoyed from it with the infinity landscape. Designed in simple way, it perfectly pleases with the mesmerizing construction. Warm and spacious interior surely brings you the unforgettable living experience with the nature. This site is perfectly done the synchronizing idea between the circumstances and the living place.

Open plan of this modern cabin design which is furnished with wooden kitchen cabinets showcases the beautiful view of the trees and green grass. Refreshing terrain is utilized to be a natural courtyard. Wooden facade is combined with glass walls at the front for giving the unlimited scenery. Strong foundation emerges the levitating home construction. Simple balcony at front is designed on the wooden floor and wire railing to frame it.  Refreshing fountain is designed beside altogether with simple garden in marble decoration. Private is placed separately in wooden building with simple terrace and garden around. Glazed front facade is still used for enjoying the circumstances. Outdoor alley in wooden ceiling is combined with concrete floor to connect the buildings.

Compact interior accommodates the main rooms of ideal living place. Wooden style is used for the rooms in spacious area as the floor and also the furniture. Comfortable sofas in grey are placed heading toward the wooden cabinets and also for television. The wooden kitchen cabinets are blended with the glossy marble countertop beside the modern fire place in brick mantle. Wonderful view accompanies you during your coffee table in simple decoration. Wooden table and chairs are placed beside the glazed wall. The warm surrounds the entire building for revealing the comfortable living area.

Designed in simple construction, this building successfully pleases you with its mesmerizing idea of naturalistic nuance. Wonderful outdoor landscape is synchronized with the building by using the natural material. Woods dominates for emerging the open plan of the glazed wall at the front facade. Utilizing the natural circumstances as the courtyard enhances the outlook as the ecological project. This cabin which is applies the wooden kitchen cabinets perfectly showcases the magnificent modern house design within the refreshing surroundings of natural circumstances.



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