Types of Bathroom Flooring

When designing your new bathroom it is best to start from the bottom and work your way up. This means that the first thing you need to be doing is deciding what type of flooring you wish to use in your bathroom. In order to do this you have to know your options and the advantages or disadvantages they might have.

Types of Bathroom Flooring


This is on option that should be tossed out the window immediately. Carpet is the worst to use in your bathroom because it will trap dirt and water. This makes it a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. You will also have a difficult time trying to keep it clean when people are walking over it with their dirty feet every day.


Although hardwood is pleasing to look at it is not the ideal flooring to use in your bathroom. Moisture is the number one killer of hardwood flooring – which means that if you did choose to use it you would want a professional to install it. Only they will be able to make sure there are no gaps for the moisture to leak under. Between the cost of purchasing the wood and paying for professional installation you will not have much money left in your budget for anything else.

Laminate and Engineered Wood

Laminate and engineered flooring is the best alternative to hardwood floors. They look and feel just like wood – but they cost less than half the price and are easy enough for you to install on your own. Laminate is more versatile then engineered flooring because you can purchase it to look like wood as well as slate and marble. This is a great choice that will save you money and make it easy for you to clean every week.


Stone comes in granite, limestone, and marble – which are all resistant to moisture damage. They all are very unique – but unfortunately are not the best flooring to use in a bathroom. Each one of them are cold to the touch and can be very slippery with the slightest amount of water on them. Anyone on a budget will want to avoid them because they are the most expensive flooring you can purchase and require professional installation.

Vinyl and Ceramic Tile

These are the most common types of flooring and some of the best to use. Both of them are ideal because they are cheap, look good, and are easy for you to install on your own. The only downside to using vinyl is that over time it will start to come apart and will need replacing.

When using ceramic tile you will not have to worry about this problem. These are very affordable and come in a variety of colors. This will allow you to lay them down yourself and to create a pattern that is unique to only your bathroom. The only disadvantage to them is that they can be cold and slippery like stone. But you can remedy this by laying down soft bathroom mats around the sink, tub, and toilet.


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