Styles of Bathroom Rugs

For your bathroom flooring you are able to use most anything except for carpet. Why use something throughout the entire room when there is a constant amount of water being dropped all over it. This will cause it to mildew and become ruined within a month or less. It is for this reason that we will use some type of laminate, vinyl, or tile flooring.

The only problem with these types of bathroom flooring is that we might easily slip and fall down when water is on them. The easiest and cheapest way to fix this is to purchase bathroom rugs. In most bathrooms you will purchase three; one for the tub, one for the sink, and one for the toilet.

To save yourself money you need to purchase them in a set. These sets will cost anywhere between $20 to $50. The largest of these rugs will sit in front of the bathtub and offer you firm footing for when you step out of the shower each morning. The smallest of these rugs will sit in front of the sink. This one if not always necessary – but it still helps to keep the theme going.

The rug for the toilet is easy to identify because it looks like a chunk has been cut out. It has been especially designed this way so that it fits perfectly around the base of the toilet without taking up too much space on your floors and running into the rugs on either side of it.

When in search for the right bathroom rugs you need to consider the color that you want and the thickness of the rug. The majority of these are offered only in solid colors so that they are able to match a variety of bathrooms no matter what theme they use. For children’s bathroom you might be able to get creative and find some with a polka dot or other such pattern.

The thicker the rug is the more water it is able to absorb without getting ruined. The worst thing to have is a bathroom rug that after ten minutes of being used is matted down and looks like you have had it for months. To help retain the thickness you should wash them once a week. Out of all the fabrics that are used to make these rugs the worst to use is shag. Shag carpets will hold even the smallest debris and it is difficult to remove it even when you vacuum.


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