Stage Lamp Design for Awesome Modern Apartment Decoration

Skyfall Apartment that is designed by Studio Omerta is really the most awesome modern apartment decoration because it is designed by stage lamp design. As a contemporary apartment, soft color and artistic decoration are the main design that should be applied for the modern apartment. However, Studio Omerta is perfectly combining those decorations with modern furniture that is made from leather material.

As a modern apartment, modern furniture that is made from leather material is really embossing classy outlook because it has glossy outlook. In addition, grey color for interior wall is really embossing classy appearance that makes the modern furniture is looked more awesome. Since the ceiling plan of the apartment is designed in vault ceiling design, LED lamps are the most adorable lamp installation for the apartment. Along with modern apartment furniture, the artistic decoration is being applied, such as stage lamp design, human sculptures and action figures.

This modern apartment is indeed being decorated by Tin Tin serial film action figures that are made from fiber material. The interior ornaments are really making the modern furniture is looked more stunning. Moreover, the modern furniture is designed in dark color so that the interior is so enchanting. The indoor railing that is made from aluminum material is also looked so enchanting because it is painted in white color. Since the interior of the apartment is dominated by soft color and dark color, the white color is really neutralizing the interior design of the apartment.

The suede material that is being applied for the modern furniture is indeed looked so sparkling because the built lamp and stage lamp design are reflecting finest shadow. The glass panels that are designed in sliding model are really looked so perfect for the apartment. Indeed, the apartment has awesome nuance along with modern apartment decor ideas including stage lamp design for interior decoration.


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