Small Bathroom Design Tips

Small Bathroom Design Tips – If you are not finicky about the type of bathroom that you want to have, then opting for a small bathroom will be just right for you. There are several small bathroom design tips that you should be aware of in order for you to take note of the amount of precious space that you are going to use.

First small bathroom design tip is to carefully choose what to put in your bathroom. The staple items found in a small bathroom are the basic toilet, sink and a small bath tub, if you can afford it. Place each of these so as it would not eat up the precious space that you have in your bathroom. Place the bath tub just under a window, and install the toilet and sink just beside it. Furthermore, you may have a small shower area just beside the sink if you do not want to indulge yourself in a perfect bubble bath.

Another small bathroom design tip is putting a cabinet attached to your bathroom wall. By following this simple small bathroom design tip, you would save up on much space. This storage area may well be used for keeping soaps and small towels for further use. It is also important for you to stack in important toiletries inside this cabinet, so you do not have to worry if ever you are out of your favorite shampoo in the middle of a bath. These small bathroom design tips will help you a lot.


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