Make Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

Small Bathroom Feel Bigger – All of us have the desire to have such a large bathroom that we could literally put a bed inside of it and sleep there. But not all of us are granted with this wish. Instead we have to manipulate out surroundings and come up with unique ways to make it appear larger than what it is.


Using dark colors is great when you want to have a dramatic look – but it is best used in large bathrooms. When you use a dark color in a small bathroom it will make it look and feel twice as small. Instead stick with pale colors. These will give the illusion that there is more space and helps to provide an air of serenity and calm.


Lighting is everything when it comes to a bathroom. You need enough to see what you are doing and to help you get ready each morning. It is also the perfect way to add more space. Use sconces, bar lights, and even lamps to help add more lighting. Those who can do it should add extra windows or sky lights to bring in natural sunlight.


Although many of us find a large bathroom sink or vanity quite useful it will usually be in our way. If you are the only one using the bathroom than you can get away with it. However, those of you who share need to downsize and use smaller sinks. Replace them with space savers or wall cabinets that will give you storage without taking up space.


Mirrors are necessary in a bathroom because they help us to know where we are shaving and if we are applying our make-up right. Try to use a large mirror over your sink if you have the room for it. The reflection will pick up the colors on the walls and create a more spacious appearance.

Remove Clutter

Having everything sit on top of the sink is the number one way to make your bathroom look smaller than it is. Sift through everything that you own and throw away any creams and products that you don’t use. Try to make use of the storage space that you have. Clutter can also come from the bathroom accessories that you have. Try to condense them or place them in other areas. Your soap dish can sit in your bathtub and you can keep your toothbrush in your medicine cabinet.

Expand Your Space

One way that you can create the illusion of having a bigger bathroom is to remove your frosted or tinted shower glass door with a curtain or something that is crystal clear. This helps to remove the obstruction of the door and to add more depth to that part of the room.


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