Kitchen Washcloth Tips

Washcloth or towel definite decree anything you need for the kitchen, you can usually use for wiping the plates, cups, and other tableware. Do not forget to wipe traces of oil or leftover food spilled around your stove. It’s not very difficult, to imagine for the treatment of a laps in your kitchen filled with oil, the smell, and might change color due to the dirt. However removes stains but still feels this might smell Often you find with a rag that you have a washing. The following tips will help you to care “kitchen washcloths” you.

Treatment with detergent

To rags that have been used in order to direct familiarized washed, in order to avoid the dirt with a smell that is also attached Although it has been washed. You simply give the water on the cloth wipe dirt add detergent, let sit for a while, then brush and finally rinse. drying in places exposed to sun exposure so as not to leave and no musty smell.

Treatment with detergent and hot water

For stains that are already hardened and very smelly, you could add detergent and hot water input into the fabric. This will the make the stain had been softened and can Easily lifts stubborn dirt. After allowed to stand for some time until the stain lifted and adapt using a brush to brush the kitchen towel. Brush with not too loud. you are brushing too hard this will damage the kitchen washcloths.

Treatment with washer

Often that you wash with detergent and by hand Also must be sterilized once in a while in the washing machine, and run with a high temperature after the “kitchen washcloths” incorporated into the washing machine, so you sterile cloth from germs.

Detergent solution plus vinegar

Acetic acid is a liquid that can erode stubborn stains, you can add vinegar acid solution with detergent mixture, after stirring new average input your dirty rags, wait a minute so that the stains were soft and afterwards it can be brushed and do not forget the sun in place that exposure to sunlight.

Do not use deodorant for washing kitchen washcloths

Because the kitchen is usually the function of rag to wipe the dishes, spoons, other equipment, and wash the kitchen around. It is better not to give fragrance when washing “kitchen towel” is. Because it will the make the deodorizer smell stick to your eating utensils. Detergent alone is enough to remove stubborn stains. Moreover, the function of the fragrance is not to clean the cloth, but only for perfume.
A few tips that we present to remove stubborn stains and eliminates odors in your kitchen towel. Wash regularly wipe your kitchen, try to regularly wash them immediately after use. Hopefully these tips useful and make-your kitchen is always clean and healthy of course.


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