Kitchen Air Circulation

Kitchen Air Circulation – The kitchen is a place with high air circulation activity. Air heat caused by combustion, the process of cooking and other appliances in the kitchen like a refrigerator, oven, microwave etc. Those activities also increase the air heat in the kitchen on the rise.

Often a tiny kitchen without good air circulation and lacking an opening space in the kitchen would interfere the air flow. Poor circulation in the kitchen is the cause the air heat. Hot air should flowing to the top not supposed to be flowing to the other. This situation would be very disturbing.

Create a comfortable ventilation that air circulation can well circulating. Do not make kitchen in a closed room, since it will caused excruciating upon breathing. Besides the closed kitchen will also interfere the olfactory. Should choose a room slightly open with a lot of air vents.

Smokes from the stove and cooking process can also cause your kitchen walls and furniture become dull and dark. Even worse your kitchen will become a nest of mice and cockroaches because it smells, musty and dirty.

There are a few tips to deal with the hot air:

  • When the house is using a tin roof, then on the roof of the kitchen and under a tin roof, should be covered with a sponge.
  • Installation of a high ceiling with roof jacks model (multilevel roof) could be a solution. Make the hole between the roof to open hot air flow circulation.
  • Make a design that can ensure the flow of air to circulate through the kitchen window or door openings and facing the open space. The trick, place your kitchen near an open space, not in the middle of the rooms in the house.
  • If your yard is too small make a natural exhaust air (without fan) or small air holes above the area of cooking or stove in your kitchen would be the solution.
  • Another idea is install an exhaust fan or air-sucking (cooker hood) above your stove.
  • Point the chimney exhaust outdoors or preferably to a free room, as garden, back yard or the other home side with free space to avoid a stuffy room.
  • Using air deodorizer also can provide a fresh and comfort air in the kitchen.

Create comfort in your kitchen. Being there with a convenient way to provide the best taste for your family. Clean kitchen for healthy families.


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