Garden Lamp Post for Fantastic Modern Japanese Residence

Now, you are just facing a passage talking about modern Japanese residence with garden lamp post. This is about a project named Garden Tree house designed by Hironaka Ogawa & Associates. You can find this project in Kagawa, Japan. There are going to be some images that are going to be described here. Just read the article until finished.

The first image is about a spot of the house seen here. There is a building with box shape. It looks so simple but you can see how amusing this building is. Well, the building is colored in white. You can see some glass constructions as parts of the building. The foundation or this building uses stones. Around the building, there are amusing trees and plants. There are some tiny flowers available as well. See also modern Japanese homes which apply the garden lamp post.

The second image is about the building that is seen from another angle. Here you shall find there is an area of garden with very gorgeous set up. There are garden plants beautifying the place here. Soft grasses also exist in some spots. There is a very cute garden lamp post available as well. From this angle, you can see that the box-shaped building looks so fabulous. From here, you shall see the interior of the box-shaped building.

The third image shows you about some part of the house which shows Japanese style applied. Well, there is roof applied in this building part. This building part is also colored in white. There are two pillars ax parts of the building. The flooring design uses grey tiles.

The last image is about a dining room of the house. Here you shall find wood accents applied. You see the floor tiles are from wood. The dining sets are also wooden. Even there are two tree cut are available as the decorations here. See modern Japanese house design with the garden lamp post as well.


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