Fragrant Plants To Bathrooms

Your bathrooms odor? Or maybe less attractive garnish so as not to linger in it? Quiet, now present a variety of plants that can solve your problem was. Perhaps such that the matched ad to illustrate some of these crops. Plants that will make your bathrooms becomes more fragrant and colorful. You do not need to buy an air freshener that use synthetic chemicals. Just use some of the following types of plants, then your bathrooms will be fresher.

Fragrant Plants to Bathrooms


Who do you know at the smell of flowers on this one? The smell is typical and also very fragrant, you are going to linger in the room. But there are people who do not know each fragrant flowers like this. Not because it smelled really bad, but there is an impression that the armature is kissing smell of jasmine.


Green plant with purple flowers can make your bathrooms becomes more fresh and beautiful. The aroma of this blend of geranium plant roses, chocolate, nutmeg, lemon and ginger. If you want to try kissing it smelled really easy, just take the leaves and rub the palms. Already, staying just smell the smell fragrant.


Plant this one is best suited if you make a bonsai. So could fit installation in the bathrooms, the shape will be more beautiful.

Eucalyptus has dark green leaves and can function as well as air freshener. But do not forget to water it well if you put it in the bathrooms, though not wither.


Gardenia produces beautiful white flowers. So in addition to scent a room you can make ornaments as well. But, gardenia need sunlight and sufficient moisture. If you want to put it in the bathrooms, you should place it near a window.


Well, the purple lavender flowers and unique aroma. You can use it as well as room deodorizers mosquito repellent. It is said that the ad said the heck could make mosquitoes afraid to approach.

Lavender flowers in a dry state still has a fresh scent. So, you can cut a few flowers was placed beside the bed.


Plant this one is very good to freshen the air. The green color of the leaves will make your eyes become calm after exhausting activity.


The aroma of cinnamon is very typical and became one odor that many people enjoy. Perhaps because they smelled sweet and fresh, it is called cinnamon.

The smell of cinnamon can improve memory, concentration and alertness. If you brew into a kind of tea, the aroma can relax tense muscles and helps insomniacs to fall asleep fast.


Mint leaves have a flavor and aroma that can throat and sense of smell. Inhaling the smell of mint oil can relieve nasal congestion and increase alertness and help you stay focused.


Green leaves are often used for these vegetables have a refreshing aroma. Issued by basil can make you feel relaxed. Basil leaves can be used also to treat coughs and colds.


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