Designing a Bathroom Floor Plan

When remodeling a bathroom or creating one from scratch you need to know exactly what you want done. Every detail including what floors you wish to install and what type of fixtures you want to use should be known before you begin the project. If you are like me than you have a hard time with this because you do not know how it will all come together in the end.

One of the best ways to fix this is to design a layout for the bathroom. This will help you to see exactly where everything will need to go and what materials would look best. This can be tricky and do not be frustrated if you change your mind about things a few times.

Before you begin contact someone who can give you information on the building codes in your area. This will tell you how much clear space is required, where the doors should be places, and what size tub will fit. Some homes are not that specific and you can simply check out the National Kitchen and Bath Association to get ideas on what would be best to do.

Purchase some graph paper and draw out the dimensions of the room. Have someone help you to take wall to wall measurements. Do not bother remembering where the light fixtures are because they might move. The only thing that will most likely remain the same are the plumbing and electrical outlet fixtures. On the graph make sure to add where these are and also any windows.

If you have already picked out the furniture you wish to use and the fixtures you want to have than draw them out on the layout. This should include something as big as a vanity or as small as a tissue holder.

It is always best to design a layout that has the most amount of floor space it can handle. Usually the requirements will be at the least twenty-two inches in front of their sinks, toilets, and tubs. When designing the interior of the bathroom you should use architectural templates or design software. This will help you to visualize the colors and materials that you wish to use to see how it all works together.


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