Decorating Small Bathrooms Look Spacious

Decorating Small Bathrooms Look Spacious – The bathroom is tiny size, does not mean there could be your dream bathroom. By adding seasoning and tricks for decorating, all of course can be changed to be more beautiful and lovely. Here gathered some tips that you can use to decorate your small bathrooms to make it look bigger, beautiful, and comfortable.

Place the Mirror Wall Your Bathroom

The mirror on the bathroom wall will cause some reflection of light, so the bathroom would get adequate lighting. To get the effect of cleaner, and more. This trick is also often used in bathrooms either in the hotel or at the mall because this trick is very simple, yet powerful enough effect.

Color Wall and Ceramic Bright and Bright

Light colors will be influential in causing widespread impression in a room. You can use bright colors like white and gray on the walls or floor tile your bathroom. Bright colors like this but aims to cause widespread impression, but also can create the impression is clean and neat.

Color Roof Ceiling Bathroom

Basically, the color of the roof ceiling can also provide color effects such as wall and floor tiles in your bathroom. By adjusting the color of your bathroom ceiling, you can give the impression area in your bathroom. You can try the white, light blue or bright enough on the ceiling of your bathroom.

Lamp White Color

This although simple and trivial, but the white light is actually quite a big effect on your bathroom spacious. Try just the lights in the bathroom you replaced with colored lights dim, it would give the impression austere, and rundown.

Place the rack Furniture Moderation

Placing furniture is to simply put a towel, soap, and others just necessary because the shelf is quite bulky. Should choose to put various rack multifunctional cleaning supplies for purposes of your shower.

Put the laundry in Bathroom

If you put the marinade used the laundry, and soiled clothes in the bathroom, of course, will cause your bathroom look cramped and cluttered. We recommend that you avoid this.

Color Frame Window

If you want a bathroom that has a window, then you should use colors that are bright enough to add effects spacious impression.

Cornice Striped

You can also play around with the wall of your bathroom. One example is to use a stripe walls and combined with a convex mirror.

Stylish Seaside

Waterfront or beach style is one that is the right choice for your bathroom, because the decoration of this type product the impression of natural, fresh and soothing.

Wall Mirror

If it had just put a mirror in the bathroom, you can also coat the entire wall of your bathroom with a mirror. That way you can create the impression of spacious and luxurious and exclusive in your bathroom. But of course you will extra hard work in glass cleaning the bathroom.


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