How To Decorate Half Bathrooms

There are some homes that have a half bathroom instead of two full ones. These small bathrooms have nothing more than a sink and toilet and are usually situated off of the kitchen or hallway. Their small size makes them one of the quickest to decorate – but not necessarily one of the easiest.


When it comes to rooms like this you want to start off by picking out a color that will make it look spectacular. You want it to portray a similar look to that of the rest of the house – but at the same time you want it to be its own unique room. This is one of the few rooms in the home that you can pull off a darker color. Usually the dark colors will make the room feel smaller. However, there is not much inside of it and it could instead help to give it a dramatic look.


When you are decorating you need to think about how fancy or causal you would like it to be. The half bathroom is usually the one that all the guests will use when they come over. Decide what type of fixtures, wallpaper, window treatments, and wall hanging you want to use.

Some people prefer to decorate using pictures of plants. Others might prefer to place black and white photos of scenery or their favorite animals. Just make sure that whatever you choose will flow together.


There are a number of sinks that you can choose from. You won’t have to spend much money to begin with so why not splurge a little bit when choosing a sink. The most popular choice is the pedestal sink. This helps to save on space and creates a simple or elegant look – depending on which one you want.


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