Choosing The Right Bathroom Faucet

Choosing The Right Bathroom Faucet – Any bathroom can look good or elegant with its excellent design choices and variety of fixtures, but no bathroom can be complete without the right bathroom faucet installed. These bathroom faucets serve as the heart of every bathroom and serves a variety of purposes from cleaning your hands and face to brushing your teeth, to serving as emergency source of water during unexpected events.

When choosing bathroom faucets, you need to first inspect if the color coordinates nicely with your existing sink. As a fallback measure, stainless steel bathroom faucets can look good on almost all existing sink colors.

Next in your itinerary should be to decide on a handle style. You need to choose the right bathroom faucet handle based on the people who will use it. Lever handles are excellent for children and older adults when it comes to their gripping and turning abilities, while cross handles are easier to install but will suit able-bodied adults more. The easiest to use types are the motion activated bathroom faucet handles but they are significantly more expensive than the other types, and need to be professionally installed.

Finally, you have to consider the bathroom faucet construction. They all have an inner valve in charge of controlling the water through its spout. You can choose between faucets with a washer, which are more commonly used or washerless faucets that are more reliable yet expensive. If budget isn’t your concern, you can go with the washerless type but bear in mind that faucet with a washer will get loose in a few years time and may require extra attention.


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