Bathroom Vanity Top Ideas to Enhance Bath Interior Décor

Everybody must know basic function of bathroom. Yeah, it is true. Bathroom is a washing room where every homeowner can spend their daily time for cleaning and washing body. This cleaning action must be done every day so that everybody can live healthily. Well, some items are ideally placed to support the bath beneficial such as vanity. Do you know vanity? Some people call it as basin of bathroom. From time to time, the bathroom vanity experiences some modifications so that the name may be different according to the innovation.

Nowadays, we will discuss about bathroom vanity tops collection. It is a specific matter which typically covers the top surface of the vanity. Basically, the vanity cabinet is mostly made of wood. When the cabinet is made of wood, normally the top of vanity is also in wood. It means the appearance of vanity will be more harmonious with similar material covering the whole parts of bath vanity cabinet except the sink. The sink itself comes in many models and materials to pick including copper, stainless steel, porcelain, wood, stone and glass.

Sometimes, some people want to have an innovative detail integrated over the vanity top. Porcelain is the most favorite vanity top matter. The texture of porcelain is clean, smooth and easy to clean. Ideally, the porcelain top is purposely installed to match the porcelain sink installed on the vanity. No matter what the vanity cabinet material, the porcelain top always makes the vanity hygienic and bright in the bathroom.

Besides porcelain, stone becomes the next favorite top for the bathroom vanity cabinets. Stone itself lends the naturalism of outdoor which can create tranquility inside the bathroom. Granite and marble are two elegant materials which often selected to cover the vanity top. Marble comes with stylish pattern and two colors collaboration to match multi color bathroom interior design as well as the granite.


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