Bathroom Vanities Collection to Beautify Your Living Space

Bathroom is one of important rooms inside a living space. Just like a kitchen which is so called heart of house, bathroom has its own role in the house for all homeowners. Yes, we usually know this room area as a cleaning or washing room. Inside this room area, everybody can wash their body every day to keep them health and fresh every day. Well, bathroom is similar with other rooms of the house. It still needs a set of furniture to ensure the basic function of it. For efficiency of bathroom, some items should be placed there such as sanitary equipment’s including toilet, bathtub, shower unit and bathroom vanities and some cabinets or shelves as storage.

Vanity is one of basic items that should be found in the bathroom to support the function. The bathroom vanities with tops lately appear in various designs to match the bathroom interior décor. Several samples of the luxurious bathroom vanity models are displayed by some pictures here. Let’s pay attention on the classic one.

The most classic vanity model is actually easy to recognize. It is just a base cabinet which has been integrated by under-mount or above-mount sink on the tops. This kind of classic vanity looks equal with base cabinet set we usually find in kitchen. Yet, what we usually find in the bathroom is simpler with only a sink, faucet and some shelves and drawers for storage underneath.

Following the latest trend of bathroom vanities ideas, space saving concept is incorporated onto some contemporary bathroom vanity selections. Now, the vanity doesn’t appear similarly with kitchen base cabinet. Currently, the vanity is more sophisticated in floating style. Basically, the vanity is studded on the wall in order to the small bath space look more spacious. Ideally, this minimalist vanity design is eye catching to fit your modern bathroom interior style.


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