Artistic Pendant Lighting in Amazing Artistic House Design

Elvira Bach, a postmodernist German painter, has artistic house design ideas that are envisioned to her apartment living with artistic pendant lighting. The artist that is best known for her creation of colorful images of women depicted her creativity in artistic house designs. She designed her rooms with unusually decoration inside. You will be amazed with the combination of the color and concept. Elvira Bach used various color pallets to decorate her house. Are you curious with Elvira Bach’s house designs? Let us see every single spot in her house.

Elvira Bach’s creativity can be seen from her interior home design ideas with the artistic pendant lighting that are displayed in her artistic house. She found that any room of her house is the place for her to decant her creative work then she is brave to mix wide color palette here. In her rooms, Elvira Bach put the art works from Dieter Blum, David Reeb, Elvira’s sister, Thomas Hornemann, Mark Brandenburg, and Ingrid Bach Honneth creating artistic living room. Elvira used black and white room design also. The wall is covered by vertical black and white stripes. The furniture used here are sectional sofa. The sofa motifs are various. One has black and white stripes motif, and the other one has chessboard motif. This artistic living room is also featured by exceptional decorations.

Elvira Bach house is filled with light to create cozy atmosphere to the interior room design. The kitchen and dining set is also the artistic pendant lamp. The dim atmosphere can be felt here since the light of the pendant lamp is gloomy. The wallpaper and the curtain has same motif, red and white small square motif. The furniture used to complete the kitchen is metal furniture.

As an artist, Elvira Bach of course has a place to create paints. Here, she used a very large place, like an atrium to work. It is full of creation of colorful images of women. Elvira also put desk for her to work. Then you would ask about the art room decorating ideas which apply the artistic pendant lighting, wouldn’t you?


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